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KRCR News coverage of St. Patricks Day celebration

Brent Weber joined the ASL Saint Patrick’s Day social in Redding which was hosted by NorCal ASL Club

Sadly, so True!  This happens way too often in all aspects of life in the Deaf & Hard of Hearing community!

Information On Flooding

We are inspired by the CSD Eagles Football team who outscored their opponents this season by a total of 360 points. They prove that teamwork, communication, and technology together win big

Keith Nolan always wanted to join the United States military.

The challenge: He is Deaf

Deaf Pilots Connect At Colorado Springs

Disability Not A Barrier To Conservation Planning

Parents Rod and Jamie, and the children Zane, Jax and Kaleb.  They were all born deaf, except Kaleb, who at age 20, is the oldest child.